A bra made only for balls? Not just any kind of balls, that is. And it is not the typical women’s bra either. It’s for men! Surprised?

Well, there is also a bra version for the males-the Ballbra. This specialized underwear is designed for men to provide a unique, erotic, and more comfortable undergarment experience. This strange product made sexually creative by Ballbra is in a way like women’s bra as it also lifts and separates the male genitals. Ballbra is highly recommended for less self-assured men to improve their masculine profile more.

See what’s in store for you when you plan to buy Ballbra from DealByEthan.

The Ballbra for Men

As mentioned, Ballbra underwear gives an exclusively unique and exciting experience for every wearer. Each Ballbra from DealByEthan is carefully designed to suit every man’s needs by providing comfort for their balls as well as that manly stick within the pouch. You can actually decide whether you want to let the penis swing freely or have it tucked inside the pouch for a more comfortable experience. The Ballbra adventurous jockstrap underwear collection features:

§ two leg straps located in the back just like a traditional jock
§ distinctive Ballbra harness bag that provides protection and comfort for the balls in front
§ hundred percent made from a blend of cotton and elastene
§ soft to the touch and very comfortable to wear underwear collection

And if you want some wonder jock effect for your underwear, buying your very own piece of Ballbra is an excellent choice to help you enhance your manhood and further add up to the excitement you can give to your partner. Ballbra suggests wearing our collection while making love or doing it for yourself to further stimulate your desire and facilitate in speeding up orgasm. But the rest is of course up to you or your partner. If you also want to impress your wife or girlfriend, you can use Ballbra once you are already there hitting the sheets.

For All the Balls

Ballbra caters to the very needs of men as depicted in its slogan that says, “Ballbra for a man’s big and small balls.” Ballbra is specially designed to function like the typical women’s bra with a cup-like pouch to hold the balls in place and have the penis stay outside the cup or have all the genitals held in the pouch. Ballbra has proudly introduced three main collections-namely, the original or the brief, bare or jockstrap, and the G-string. This range of Ballbra collection features high-quality harness pouches to provide utmost comfort.

Ballbra at DealByEthan

And if you wear Ballbra every day, you can give your manhood the total comfort it deserves. Being part-suspensory, part-jock, part-g string, and part sexy underwear, the Ballbra is just the right thing for the modern man’s personality. Give your balls the right kind of care it needs by cupping them into the first-ever bra made for balls. Place your order now at DealByEthan to experience the ultimate convenience of cupping your male profile in a more comfortable and convenient condition.

ball bra

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